Welcome to John Coxon & Associates. I work with CEO’s and management teams of nonprofit organisations and  social enterprises to help them increase revenue, reduce costs and improve effectiveness.

I add value to your organisation through a 4 Steps to Success model where the focus is upon great service delivery and social impact to ensure you remain relevant to the community and your family of stakeholders.

I save you time and money by identifying organisational barriers to service delivery and social impact. I apply diagnostic tools to help you to identify gaps in capacity and capability and prioritise remedial action. This is the building blocks of your organisation. Then applying my experience as a mentor and management coach I guide your people through implementing those decisions.

This process of evidence based need + effective decisions + implementation = a viable and sustainable organisation. Is this the outcome you seek to achieve?

When you are ready for that conversation email me and I will call you back to arrange a free, no obligation meeting where I listen and learn about your experiences.