Welcome to my small business portal, where I provide owners and managers of small, for-profit businesses with advice, support and resources.

I help you grow revenue, reduce costs and improve efficiencies

How do I achieve this? As a member of the MAUS Business Systems network I utilise their assessment tools to help you identify pain points, set goals, prioritise actions and monitor progress.

But there is more . . .

As an experienced business operator, advisor, management coach and mentor I stay on board to guide you and your people through the entire planning, implementation and monitoring process. I don’t cut and run . . . so . . .

I offer a money back guarantee. I believe you should be satisfied with the value I add. If not, I will refund my fee.

I feel confident in making this offer because I bring 40 years of business management experience, 20 years of advisory experience, 20 years of coaching and mentor experience and my alliances with MAUS Business Systems, Employsure, Learnwell and Revera Business Optimisation.

As your business advisor, supported through the alliances shown above, I am committed to helping you maximise the benefits of being a business owner and operator. Whether than be increased personal wealth, transition to a management team or a process for exiting your business, or something else that is important to you.

How Does Your Business Benefit From This Experience?

  • A plan for the future
  • Increased revenue and profit
  • Improved  operational efficiencies
  • Reduced costs

How Do You Benefit From This Experience?

  • Build your personal wealth
  • Create the lifestyle you can enjoy
  • Have an exit plan
  • Reduce stress