Your business success comprises three phases, including the following seven steps –

Phase One: Develop Your Strategy

Step 1: Establish high level goals and strategy

Step 2: Business success factors

Step 3: Strategies, actions and milestones

Phase Two: Execute Your Strategy

Step 4: Monthly strategic review

Step 5: Systems and workflow

Step 6: Employee engagement

Phase Three: Build A High Performance Culture

Step 7: Culture change and sustainability

Establish High Level Goals & Strategy – Determine where you are now and what you wish to achieve over a selected time frame: Include business/exit/personal goals. What are your high level strategies?

Business Success Factors – Review the success factors of the business and translate them into strategic goals. Start with your customer service success factors and then review the other areas of your operation.

Strategies, Actions and Milestones – Review each of the strategic goals in the previous section and think through what you need to do to achieve this goal. Create a 90-day action plan and key milestones with dates and accountability.

Monthly Review – Each month review your business performance and your strategy. Adapt your business plan to changing circumstances.

Systems & Workflow – ‘Tidy up your business’ and develop the systems and workflow to help execute strategies that ensure the business is not entirely reliant upon the owners.

Employee Engagement – Align employee goals and targets with the company and then set in play a system to motivate and engage employees through consistent communication and accountability systems.

Culture Change & Sustainability – Ensure the long term success of the program through continual top-level support and continual reinforcement of the system.

You can work through this process yourself, with support of your managers or you may consider engaging John Coxon to facilitate and guide the process. If you would like to discuss this process email John to arrange a free, no obligation conversation.