Following on from the 2015 McClure report into welfare systems governments are increasingly looking to funded agencies to report upon the impact created by their interventions – in addition to reporting on key program outputs.

This policy direction presents a number of issues for agencies looking to report on outcomes and impact. The process can be expensive, they lack experience and access to frameworks and tools.

At John Coxon & Associates we can offer a solution to these issues. We work with agencies to –

  • Introduce and implement the Results Based Accountability framework
  • Develop and guide processes for collection of data
  • Train staff in data collection and data analysis
  • Facilitate collection of feedback from clients and external stakeholders
  • Review and analyse data
  • Provide reports on how outcome trends support strategic direction along with recommendations for the future
  • Incorporate results based accountability into your strategic planning process

In this way we provide you with the expertise, the framework, the tools, the resources and we tailor the process and price to work within your budget. Viola, there are no issues.

The benefits of moving to an outcomes reporting framework include transparency and engagement of all employees and stakeholders, greater accountability, data to inform strategic planning, data to inform funding submissions and higher credibility amongst funders.

Now is the time to start collecting data on outcomes and impact and to share the stories of how you improve the lives of others.

Email John to indicate your interest and I will call you back for a chat.