As a CEO you already possess considerable experience and knowledge. I don’t steer our conversations, you choose the problem or issue you want to work through, while I challenge, ask questions and provide you with a sounding board.

As a mentor to CEO’s I provide a safe, confidential space where you can set about achieving your desired outcomes – personal and organizational.

This is not a talkfest. You must want to change something, to create a new future. You must have a goal and outcome in mind that you are working towards, something you can look back at and say our mentoring relationship has been pivotal in helping you to achieve.

I work with you for a minimum of 12 months because it takes that long for evidence of change to emerge. My service is risk free and guaranteed to help you achieve your desired outcomes.

My fee is a fixed monthly fee. If after the first three months you feel there is no benefit to you or your organisation we cancel the mentoring agreement and I refund all prepaid fees. The final two months fee are subject to evidence of you having achieved the goals and outcomes you set out at the beginning of our engagement.

We meet once a month for half a day, wherever you are within Australia and in between we chat on skype or telephone each week. Of course I am available 24/7, between our visits, should you want to discuss anything.

Are you ready to discuss working together? If so please call, send a text or email me.