So much of what you are involved in as a nonprofit manager is a project. It may be developing a trial program, introducing change, implementing new processes or setting up a new part of the organisation.

Project Management for Nonprofit Managers is a practical, interactive, one day workshop, complete with toolkit and resources, to enable you to complete projects successfully, on time and on budget

During the day you will work in small groups and engage in a variety of practical exercises and work collaboratively on a engaging, fun project where you will apply a variety of project management strategies and skills. As a result you will –

  • Gain an understanding of a project management frameworks
  • Learn how to develop and build an effective project plan
  • Understand the role of project manager
  • Develop a process for identifying and managing risk
  • Develop a process of stakeholder communication
  • Learn to apply a range of practical strategies and tools
  • Learn how to evaluate your project
  • Develop the ability to apply effective project leadership


  1. The Topics: This workshop has been designed specifically for nonprofit managers by an experienced nonprofit manager with decades of experience in project management and delivery. The workshop content is based on real experience. The topic material has been designed and developed for those working in the nonprofit environment
  2. The Facilitator: John Coxon has more than two decades of experience managing projects; including overseeing organisational mergers, establishing interagency purchasing programs, overseeing website and digital development, managing renovation and relocation projects that bring together teams of people and create change.
  3. Practical Tools: This is a practical hands on workshop where you develop competency in using relevant tools and take that learning directly back into your existing projects.
  4. Your Participating Peers: They bring their collective wisdom to these sessions and share with you their experiences, and you share your experiences with them. This is real time learning that you take back to your organisation the very next day.
  5. The Project Management LinkedIn Group: Join our LinkedIn group and continue the learning with other participants as you share experiences, ideas and insights. This ensures your learning and professional development continues long after the workshop and helps you develop and extend your professional network.

By participating in this workshop you will learn and develop best practice project management competencies for the nonprofit leader of the future.

  Who should attend:

  • CEO’s and Senior Executives seeking to understand project management frameworks and develop effective leadership of project and program managers
  • Frontline managers, registered nurses, aged care managers and medical specialists with project responsibility
  • Team leaders and supervisors seeking professional development that will enable them to progress into senior management roles

This workshop is offered as both a public workshop (only 4 dates in 2019) and as an in-house professional development program. The in-house option includes an additional component whereby those participating engage in a collaborative exercise designed to fast track current projects towards completion. To discuss an in-house program email John.

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