Following are dates for current workshop sessions –

Melbourne 2019 Sydney 2019
June 6th June 4th
July 2nd July 4th
August 29th August 27th
September 26th September 24th
October 8th October 10th
November 28th November 26th

Session One: Understanding coaching, initiating a coaching relationship at work – coaching and mentor frameworks – emotional intelligence – learning by observation.

Session Two: Intro to coaching within the workplace – questions to ask – assessing your coaching skills – learning to listen – how people learn.

Session Three: Overcoming barriers to workplace coaching – leadership – developing potential – models for change – strengths based approach – effective communication.

Session Four: Negatives to positives – a solution/outcome focus – motivation – goal setting – relationship between emotions and behaviours – personal responsibility.

Session Five: Working with the ‘uncoachables’ – trigger points – setting career goals – coaching teams.

Session Six: Mind mapping – journalling – reflective practice – relaxation – spirituality – coaching yourself.

As Lead facilitator I bring decades of practical experience in leadership and management and happily shares my experiences and the lessons I have learned. In the past I have facilitated professional development in Frontline Management, Leadership and Project Management.

I am an experienced mentor and coach with many years experience helping CEO’s, executives and managers be the best they want to be. I bring decades of experience in governance, leadership, management, operations and stakeholder communication. I am not just a right side of the brain person; I am also an artist and art event manager. I bring a balanced, big picture perspective that helps others to develop their own management style.

You can attend the entire series of workshops or attend the sessions you feel will help you the most. We recommend you attend the entire series, over six months, as there are benefits from being a part of a group that shares its experiences.

Each workshop is a full day. Morning & afternoon tea and lunch will be provided. Course notes will be provided for each session. Those signing up for the entire series will be provided with a comprehensive management coaching toolkit prior to commencing. This toolkit will comprise course notes for each session, case studies, additional coaching strategies and tactics, frequently answered questions and links to additional resources.

The cost is $450.00 exc GST per session or $2100.00 exc GST (six sessions, discounted rate). Register 4 or more people from a single organisation and one person attends for free.

To register send me an email setting out –

  • Names and email address of those to be registered
  • Details of which sessions attending (or entire program)
  • Name of authorising person (or purchase order number)
  • Venue and dates

I will confirm price with you prior to preparing and sending an invoice to your organisation.

A welcome email will be sent to each registered participant providing them with information on the program, dates, starting times, venue and accommodation close to the venue. Management coaching toolkits will be couriered to those attending all sessions the week prior to commencing.

This program is also available as a fully customised, in-house option for your management group. Contact me to discuss how I can help develop the management capacity within your organisation.