A key role of the contemporary manager is to nurture and develop potential. The days of dictatorial management are gone. Good people work with good managers. The only way to enjoy your management role is by adopting a coaching model.

How well do you coach the staff that report to you? How well do you develop the potential of others?

Manager as Coach is a series of workshops over a six month period. You can elect to participate in all six sessions, or join those you feel most relevant to your situation. As a result you will develop  your own management coaching style.values


  1. The Topics: These workshops are designed specifically for nonprofit leaders and managers who are concerned with leading change and creating innovative service delivery within a changing and evolving social landscape. The topic material has been design and developed for those working in the the nonprofit environment
  2. The Facilitator: John Coxon has more than two decades of experience as a mentor to CEO’s, management coach, executive manager and consultant to boards and management teams of nonprofit organisations. He brings all his experience and case studies and blends them with the collective wisdom of those in the room.
  3. Your Participating Peers: They bring their collective wisdom to these sessions and share with you their experiences, and you share your experiences with them. This is real time learning that you take back to your organisation the very next day.
  4. The Participant online Slack forum: Join our program collaborative platform on Slack and continue the learning with other participants as you share experiences, ideas and insights.

By participating in this highly interactive program you will learn and develop the desired leadership and management competencies needed for the nonprofit leader of the future.

You will learn about coaching frameworks and develop a variety of coaching competencies while building your coaching toolkit. You will learn from the facilitators own experiences and case studies while sharing knowledge with other people on the program. Those that engage in the entire series will be able take their learning into their workplace, apply what they have learned and bring back their stories and experiences to share with the group.

Who should attend:

  • CEO’s, Senior Executives and Frontline Managers with responsibility for wellbeing and performance of employees
  • Supervisors and Team Leaders seeking to develop the competencies that will propel them into senior leadership roles
  • Registered Nurses and Medical Specialists with line management responsibility

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