There are 4 stages to my management coaching process –

  1. Awareness: This is where I spend time with the manager, the managers support team, meet with those they report to and those that report to the manager, gain an insight into the managers life, interests, work and dreams. This sets the background and provides common understanding.
  2. Analysis: During this stage the manager engages in self assessment surveys designed to identify their leadership and management capabilities, strengths and weaknesses. If our exploratory discussions have identified indications of emotional stress I may refer your manager to a mental health professional for an assessment on the managers fitness to participate in coaching. Finally a coaching plan, setting out the desired outcomes and coaching process is created and shared with the manager, their direct report and the human resource manager.
  3. Action: This is the fun part. During this stage I work with your manager to track and map actions, decision, outcomes, observations of behaviours, impacts and we discuss and share ideas for changing behaviours and perceptions. At all times relating back to the goals and outcomes and assessing progress.
  4. Success: As your manager develops their capacity and competencies they need less and less input from myself. I seek affirmation and evidence of success via a brief survey to other employees and stakeholders, and finally a report to the manager, their direct report and the human resource manager.

I help your managers develop their capacity for observation – what is it they see, hear and sense? I then help them develop and implement a goal-based approach to workplace coaching – goals and outcomes create an accountability framework, along with evidence of success. Then I return them to their power of observation – what did they see working and what did they see that didn’t work and what did people say and do? Then we repeat the process.

This is a fixed fee service. Prior to establishing a contract we set out a timeframe, identify desired goals and outcomes, calculate and negotiate a fixed fee. A deposit of 50% is paid prior to commencing, 30% is billed monthly and the final 20% is paid upon completion and is subject to evidence of the stated outcomes having been achieved.

Once a month I am on site, meeting with those in the program, reviewing progress and sharing ideas. Between the face-to-face sessions the manager can contact me via email, sms, telephone or skype to discuss whatever is on their mind. Whenever they make contact they will always talk to me personally.

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