The learning is in the discovery, the application of learning is in the practice

The learning commences immediately upon arrival at the retreat. The first morning is spent observing nature, discussing observatons and discovering how nature provides lessons in leadership. This will shift the way people think about how they behave as leaders.

germinating seedFollowing lunch its back into nature, this time to put into practice the learning of the morning in a small group exercise that will have them applying leadership competencies in a real situation.

Back inside, in a relaxed environment, I will introduce a model for organisational and personal leadership based upon nature-based metaphors. The following discussion and group exercise will shift perceptions on collaboration.

The second afternoon session is important as it aligns individuals with organisational outcomes and aligns each of them with each other. We engage your people in group discussions on the strategic direction of your organisation and the desired outcomes.

The learning continues in the evening, after dinner with an exercise in identifying true purpose and one to one mentoring conversations.

Day two begins with everyone heading back out into the natural environment where your managers will hone their powers of observation with a specific emphasis upon learning to listen. This exercise will carry over into the second morning session where we will help people develop their capacity for fostering and nurturing conversations. This is emotional intelligence aspect of leadership.

After lunch on the second day we have two short sessions leading up to afternoon tea and allowing people sufficient time to travel to their homes.

The first afternoon session begins by looking at the things that can go wrong in nature and stunt or prevent growth. We then translate those into the things your managers have observed in the workplace.

The final session for the day takes your management group on a teamwork exercise, where they have to achieve an outcome together. They have to communicate, collaborate, share ideas and display appropriate leadership while tapping into collective wisdom.

After everyone has left for home I collate all the ideas created during the strategic session on the afternoon of day one and prepare a Record of Conversation for distribution back to your team and I follow up with two phone calls to each person to provide advice, give guidance and mentor them in their contribution to the collective leadership of your organisation.

As the lead facilitator I bring decades of practical experience in leadership and management and happily shares my experiences and the lessons I have learned. I am an experienced executive manager, mentor and coach with many years experience helping CEO’s, executives and managers be the best they want to be.

Due to the nature of the program and the need to identify a suitable venue with access to nature, plus a need to discover where your organisation is at, I do ask that you confirm early, with at least 3 months notice.

The actual cost will be determined prior to confirmation. Each event is priced slightly different due to acccomodation, travel and venue hire costs. You will be provided with a written proposal with firm prices prior to final confirmation.

To discuss this retreat in more detail email John Coxon. If you would like more details information download a comprehensive Growing from Within information kit.