I want to save your organisation time and money!

Many nonprofit organisations have a need for someone to take responsibility for operational effectiveness. This could range from overseeing an entire operational management function to implementing a specific project.  Where do they find such a person and what does it cost?

I provide experience at a set fee. In this way I save you money and achieve outcomes in a timely manner. I hit the floor running and can achieve outcomes in a shorter period of time. This is not ‘hit & run’ advice, I am in the trenches with your management group, working through issues with them, observing, hearing and seeing the feedback and helping them adapt to their environment.

Retaining me management role means I bring my experience in governance, general management, financial management, service delivery, administration, marketing, digital processes, stakeholder engagement, data collection and evaluation, quality and compliance and human resource management.

It’s easy to set up a contracting arrangement. Email your interest and I will call you back for a no-obligation chat.

Hot new opportunity! I have teamed up with an experienced business analyst with an ICT background and an experienced ICT systems implementor to provide nonprofit agencies with the tools and resources for outcomes based reporting. As a team we can work with your management group to develop your outcomes based reporting process  – read more