This is FREE to you, a quick health check for social service and community organisations.

quick health check imageWhat will happen to you when you download this free quick health check for your organisations? You will become a genius. That’s not actually true, however it is true that in taking a few minutes to complete the health check you will know more than you know now.

That’s the key benefit of the quick health check, it enables you to make informed choices.

It’s not a complex or large form. Only a single sheet, printed on both sides. It can take as little as 15 minutes to complete.

Download quick health check

Now here is the good bit. After you have completed the form you are going to have a new perspective on the health of your organisation. Immediately you will see the strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities. You will see your ‘pain points’ that prevent you from being the best you can be. At a glance you will see which issues are more critical and how you have prioritised their solutions and you will see a 90 day plan for moving forward – all for FREE.

No names or email address is sought. I want to give you something for free, without obligation.

Download quick health check

I’m John Coxon. For the past 20 years I have worked with social service organisations throughout Australia and New Zealand, guiding planning, helping to develop competencies, being a mentor to CEO’s and a coach to senior managers. I have practical experience as a nonprofit manager having been the Executive Officer for an alliance of nonprofit organisations and an Operations Manager/Acting CEO for an Aboriginal Health Provider.

This FREE quick health check for social and community organisations is the result of my years of experience.

Download quick health check

I offer social service organisations four levels of service delivery –

  1. Download the free quick health check– its a great starting point and allows you to benefit from my service without spending a single cent.
  2. Email me a copy of your completed quick health check and I will call you back to arrange a telephone/skype hookup to discuss your assessment and then provide you with a semi-tailored analysis and suggestions. All for only $899 exc GST.
  3. Email me to express your interest in undertaking a more comprehensive health check involving your management group. I will meet with you to discuss how I facilitate a comprehensive assessment process and provide a tailored report and analysis, including an action plan before meeting with you a second time to discuss the findings. All for only $6900 exc GST
  4. My top level service offer is where I facilitate a comprehensive health check assessment with your management group and provide a tailored analysis and action plan as in level 3 above. I then meet monthly with yourself and/or your managers to review progress. I coach managers through implementation of the action plan and I collect evidence of success. The benefit of this service level is that I add even further value through including other services such as planning, operations and stakeholder engagement in the annual fee. All this and more for a monthly fee of $2000 exc GST. (Minimum 12 months).

Have you downloaded our FREE quick health check? Its a great place to start.