The overarching framework is our 4 Steps to Success. This is a model of key organisational activities. These are identified as being exceptional social impact, investment in marketing, building a family of supporters and generating sustainable revenue. These activities are underpinned by best practice governance and effective operations. This framework provides a visual framework to guide internal discussion.

We begin with an assessment using tools from our building blocks suite of tools. Why? Because an assessment provides evidence of a need to direct resources into where they will be most effective.

The assessment is followed by an action plan, where I am available to mentor and coach managers through implementation. An action plan coupled with accountability ensures a high rate of implementation.

Alongside this I undertake my customised KPI assessment. This creates a visual dashboard of key financial, marketing, engagement, program and employee utilisation. This assessment compliments any building block assessment.

The final outcome is success. Not because of me; because your people came together, collected evidence of a need to change, invested resources into those areas, developed an action plan and implemented that plan.

Its a straightforward process. Focus upon the consistent application of best practice capabilities.