Believe it or not, our process begins with me adding value to your organisation for free!

How does that work? I recommend downloading our free quick health check – it may be all you need. You can also take advantage of my offer to access free analysis. Simply email me your feedback, I will analyse the feedback and call you back to discuss your plans for change. If it turns out that this process enables you to move forward, then added value has been achieved for zero cost.

Having completed the free quick health check, you may determine you need more in-depth data and feedback. At this point we can discuss which of the organisational assessment tools best meets your needs or we can create a customised tool for you.

Beyond the free quick health check, the process commences with me working with the CEO and senior executives to identify the scope of the project, establish a budget, identify outcomes and set a timeframe.

Our assessment process is guided by this framework.

organisational assessment framework

Having identified an appropriate organisational assessment tool I work with your management group to customise questions, communicate the process, outcomes and benefits, provide content for communication to employees, and prepare for facilitation of the assessment process.

Following assessment, I undertake analysis of the feedback and data and prepare a draft report for review by your management group.

The assessment is followed by an action plan. I remain available to mentor and coach managers through implementation. An action plan coupled with accountability ensures a high rate of implementation.

The final outcome is success. Not because of me; because your people came together, collected evidence of a need to change, prioritised the important activities, invested resources into those areas, developed an action plan and implemented that plan.

This process is designed to compliment and inform internal communication and collaboration. As a part of my mentoring I work with your managers to ensure they engage with those reporting to them, share the data and seek feedback from others. In this way we ensure any change process is endorsed by all.

If this process provides you with confidence in my service please email me and I will call you back for a free, no obligation discussion.