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It’s great that you want to find out more on how our organisational health check can help you to increase revenues, reduce costs and be more effective.

It is a simple process, based upon the assumption that knowledge empowers your management group to make great decisions.

Through our assessment process we engage your management group, along with any other stakeholders you are keen to have involved, in a process of assessing how well your organisation is applying the basics.

Essentially we are conducting a gap analysis upon –

  • Governance
  • Risk Management
  • Planning
  • Financial Management
  • Quality
  • Human Resources
  • Information Management
  • Clinical governance (for healthcare orgs)

The assessment process isn’t complex, nor overly time consuming. It can be undertaken as a facilitated group, or independently by each individual. Its the perfect activity to engage people in during these Covid-19 restricted times. Even if working remotely they can engage in the process.

A series of questions are rated 1-5 (nonexistant – transformational). The responses are collated by our team. Feedback is then analysed and presented in a draft report, with the results shown in both tabular and graphical format for each question. From the analysis we identify trends, potential issues and a set of recommendations.

This is then distributed back to those engaged in the process for their input into a prioritised action plan. I then complete the report, customise the recommendations and finalise the action plan.

In this way your management group is collectively engaged in the process, is able to make evidence-based decisions, has an opportunity to prioritise what is is important for your organisation and has a plan for improvement.

Does this sound like something you could benefit from? Email your interest and we will call you back.

There is more! No it isn’t a set of steak knives, though that can be arranged. I can remain engaged in the process beyond the assessment, if wanted, to mentor and coach the management group through implementation. While this is an additional cost, it does offer the advantage of ensuring implementation is highly successful.

In these Covid troubled times I facilitate the process in a remote manner, using email, telephone and online platforms. I provide comprehensive information and instructions to all involved prior to commencing the process, remain accessible to answer questions, ensure all responses are received by the deadline and steer the project to completion.

There are other benefits to this organisational health check process. It provides a rare opportunity for stakeholders and managers to collectively share information and ideas. In doing so the magic happens. A problem shared is a problem solved. Our focus is upon the basics. In the rush of daily business, the basics are often assumed to be in place. It is in the basics that the 80/20 rule applies. A small improvement can have widespread impact.

Between 2014-16 I was involved in facilitating competency assessments with nonprofit organisations in New Zealand, funded by the Ministry of Social Development. There were many ‘ahaa’ moments, where board members, managers and other employees gained shared knowledge and understanding, while looking at each other and saying, ‘let’s solve this problem’.

As an executive manager, consultant, mentor and management coach I have two decades of knowledge and experience to guide your team through this process.

If you are looking to nail the basics, close the gap between good and great and steer your organisation out of the pandemic into a stronger, more resilient future then it is time to email your interest.