This assessment has been designed to provide your management team with an overall assessment of your organisational health. The audit assesses your progress towards best practice in –

  • Governance
  • Planning
  • Risk Management
  • Quality
  • Financial Management
  • Information Management
  • Human Resources
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Marketing
  • Stakeholder Engagement

Each audit comprises three section; people & place, documents & evidence, implementation & integration. Each section comprises 5-7 questions. All questions are rated on a 5 point experiential/best practice scale, seeking the participants assessment of the stage of development within your organisation –

  • 1 = nonexistant
  • 2 = partially in place
  • 3 = it kinda works, but not really
  • 4 = all sorted and going great
  • 5 = transformational, call this best practice

This audit is a ‘lite’ capability and capacity assessment. It lacks the depth of our full capability assessment and capacity assessment tools, while providing an overview of key areas.

The aim of this audit is to start a conversation among your people. It is a straightforward audit which doesn’t take people long to complete, can be undertaken by individuals or groups of people creating a collective assessment.

Following assessment, all responses are collected and analysed for trends and feedback. A report is prepared showing results in both graphical and tabular form.

A draft of the report is circulated to all participants, who then gather to discuss the collective feedback, prioritise future actions and draft an action plan. This action plan is then incorporated into a final version of the report.

I am then available to remain engaged with your team, monitor implementation, provide coaching and mentoring and collect evidence of progress and success, if requested.*

*Ongoing engagement of this nature is not included in the audit fee. It is an extra cost which will be quoted upon request.