The purpose of this assessment is to identify the effectiveness of your current management group. The feedback provides an indication of areas where all employees and volunteers believe management competencies could change for the better.

The management assessment differs from the leadership assessment in that the focus is upon the collective capabilities of the management group. Your collective management group are assessed upon a set of management activities identified in Google’s Project Oxygen, along with other recognised management best practices.

The assessment uses a four point Likert scale where participants are asked to indicated their level of agreement or disagreement with each statement.

  • 1 = Strongly disagree
  • 2 = slightly disagree
  • 3 = slightly agree
  • 4 = strongly agree

The aim of this audit is to start a conversation among your people. It is a straightforward audit which doesn’t take people long to complete. I believe this assessment should be completed by all employees and volunteers. Members of the management group are asked to identify themselves for the purpose of comparing that groups self assessment with the assessment the managment group, by non-managers.

Following assessment, all responses are collected and analysed for trends and feedback. A report is prepared showing results in both graphical and tabular form and all written comments as provided by participants.

A draft of the report is circulated to all participants, who then gather to discuss the collective feedback, prioritise future actions and prepare an action plan. This action plan is then incorporated into a final version of the report.

I am then available to remain engaged with your team, monitor implementation, provide coaching and mentoring and collect evidence of progress and success, if requested.*

*Ongoing engagement of this nature is not included in the audit fee. It is an extra cost which will be quoted upon request.