When working with your organisation I am guided by a framework and a model.

The assessment framework illustrates the process I apply when facilitating organisational assessments. The model guides my discussions with you helping you identify key activities following on from an assessment.

The assessment framework is shown below –

assessment framework imageMy organisational activity model is titled Four Steps to Success. This model has been adapted from The Cyclean model for nonprofit arts organisations, developed by Michael Kaiser.

Four steps to success model for nonprofit organisations

Four Steps to Success is a cyclical process, where incremental gains and improvements are achieved year upon year.

Front and center in the Four Steps Model is great services with identified social impact. This does not occur by accident. It is a result of long term planning for achieving that social impact. Without great social impact there is no reason for the organisation to exist.

The second step is marketing. This is not to be confused with stakeholder communication, which is a part of the marketing process. Marketing is about knowing who your family of supporters are, what it is they need to know and planning for the right messages to go to the right people.

Why . . . ?

Because as you market to your group of supporters, they spread the word about the great social impact you create. This provides others with a reason to provide support as messages gain momentum.

Why is this important . . .?

A growing group of supporters, recognised, nurtured, informed and enabled will help you grow revenue through donations, time, resources and contacts. Through long term planning this growing revenue is reinvested in even greater social impact and even more marketing, while also providing you with a surplus for a rainy day.

These guide my process for working with you.

If you would like to know more email me and I will call you back to organise a discussion.