My business health check process will help you identify opportunities, reduce risk and build a stronger, more sustainable nonprofit organisation.

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Is this what you want also?

If so, I have a proven process for helping you to identify future goals, current pain points and strategies for the future.

Our health check process is adapted from the business version developed by MAUS Business Systems and used by more than 60,000 businesses in the past 29 years. I have then adapted the tool to reflect the language of the nonprofit sector, to help move your organisation forward.

I take away any risk to you by enabling you to access the service at one of four price points, to suit your budget and, with our most expensive options, I provide a money back guarantee.

You can choose from the following –

    1. A free option – where you download our quick nonprofit health check, complete the form and have a conversation within your organisation. Download here. (Its not the complete process however it gets you started at no cost and will stimulate brave conversations)
    2. Complete our quick nonprofit health check plus a detailed business scanReturn the data to me, I then spend a couple of hours via telephone or skype discussing with you the data before providing a semi-tailored analysis report. Price is $999.00 excluding GST. Email your interest to John
    3. I facilitate the discovery process by working with your management team to complete our nonprofit health check, identify pain points, set out priorities, complete an indepth business scan, create a 90 day action plan and provide a custom report with analysis and strategies tailored to your specific environment and organisation. Price is $5999 excluding GST. Email your interest to John
    4. A fully customised and tailored process where I facilitate the discovery process by working with your management team, including pain points, priorities, business scan, 90 day action plan and long term action plan. I then collect data to indicate progress, meet monthly with your management team and review progress. Minimum term 12 months. Price is $17500 excluding gst. Email your interest to John.
  • Regardless of  the price break you select, this process will immediately help you move your organisation forward.
  • This is a strengths based process which will create positive conversations about the future.
  • Your people will do the things they commit to, because they will be engaged in the process.

Are you ready to discuss my nonprofit health check process? Email your interest to John. 

My Experience

  • 20+ years experience working with nonprofit management teams as an executive manager, consultant and management coach
  • Nonprofit governance
  • General Management
  • Operational management

My Process

Step One: Conduct nonprofit health check to identify pain points and key actions

Step Two: Develop 90-day plan and long term action plan as needed

Step Three: Facilitate ongoing monitoring and review of progress