Between 70% and 90% of business plans fail. This is because no one takes responsibility for implementing the plan.

I ensure your plans are implemented and your goals are achieved.

Following on from my initial business health check I am available to help you develop a plan based around your goals and the priorities identified in the health check. I refer to his as the ’90 day plan’. Here the focus is upon this issues that require immediate attention.

This is a flexible process. Your needs may lean more towards a strategic plan or a business plan. The point is there needs to be a plan. If you fail to plan; you plan to fail.

If we were to put all your staff into a room for half a day and ask them to identify every possible way to –

  • increase the average sale value
  • increase the frequency of purchases, and
  • increase the number of customers.

What Would This Do For Your Business, and For YOU?

At this point I bring a project management methodology to play – where we set goals, manage risks, communicate with stakeholders and create a work flow.

When we have addressed the immediate and urgent pain points I turn your attention to the operational gaps in your business

You should budget $2500 – $5000 for this planning process. The cost will depend upon your preferred process and your budget. Expect to involve owners and key employees in a one day planning workshop at the minimum. (It’s at this point I refund you the cost of the health check)

The planning process identifies the ’90 day’ goals and the longer term goals. It sets out key milestones and KPI’s, timeframes and responsibilities. It becomes the document we measure progress and success against as I provide ongoing coaching to guide you and your employees through implementation of the plan.

Email your interest to John and I will call you back to answer any questions.

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