A business health check is the start of you learning about and understanding your business.

When you undertake a business health check you regain control of your business and are able to make more informed decisions.

MAUS Client Needs Analysis is the perfect tool for performing a health check of your business. This tool provides you with a structured process to analyse your business and provide a detailed analysis.

My process will help you identify client pain points and potential problems within your business. This will reduce your risk and improve your decision making.

The Client Needs Analysis software is based on a core set of questions designed to engage you in identifying key pain points and business goals.

This ‘best practice’ diagnostic splits into 3 sections that will dive into your business goals, key pain points and business systems.

Within a short time I will provide you with a tailored analysis of your business and suggestions to help reduce risk, improve revenue, reduce costs and improve effectiveness.

My report and analysis will include –

  • Financial Goals
  • Pain Points
  • Priority Areas
  • Gap Analysis
  • Action Plan

Email John Coxon Now to indicate your interest in undertaking a business health check.