When you are flat out operating or managing your business you need someone to oversee implementation of your plans.

Following the health check and the planning process it’s time to keep everyone focussed and on track. It’s important to understand what is working, what is not working and what needs to change.

By now you will have set your ’90 day plan’ and your long term plan. You will have identified the success factor, KPI’s and responsibilities. Now its time to monitor and review progress.

Each month I meet with yourself and your key people. I collect data and feedback on progress and I compile a set of dashboard reports to inform strategic and operational decision making.

During this time I am available to provide advice and guidance, ask the ‘what if’ questions and challenge the assumptions within decisions. I mentor and coach and help develop capabilities amongst your people.

The monthly dashboard reports show progress against the original health check, the plans and the KPI’s and milestones. In this way, if something isn’t working you are able to adapt and adjust your plans before it becomes an issue.

During this stage of the process I am working to make myself redundant. You only pay for what you need.

I gaurantee my work. If you do the things you say you will do and still fail to achieve your planned goals, I will refund my fee. I don’t want you paying for anything you didn’t receive.

Email your interest to John and I will call you back to answer any questions.

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