Before you retain me to guide your business development I firstly identify the need within your business.

I achieve this by conducting a business health check.

This is where you and I meet, work through your observations and enter your data into my software program. I then provide you with a report showing –

  • Your business goals
  • Personal shareholder goals
  • Pain points
  • Priority areas for future action
  • Scan of your business operations

This is a conversational process. At this point neither of us know what needs to be fixed. We are identifying needs and looking at evidence. In this way you spend money only on what will benefit you and your business.

It costs between $650 and $4000 for a business health check, depending upon the size of your business, however if you retain me for ongoing work I will refund the cost of the business health check. The report belongs to you.

Why do I charge a fee for the health check? You have to value the process. If I give it away it will mean nothing to you and experience shows the report will be consigned to the too hard basket.

The report provides you with a real insight into the gaps in your business operations. This enables you to plan and prioritise future actions. Most importantly, you understand where you need to invest and why.

And there is more! I apply the same assessment tools to help you monitor progress, keep everyone on track and if needed adapt or modify your plans.

Email your interest to John and I will call you back to answer any questions.