My work with nonprofit organisations enables them to provide great service delivery and achieve identifiable social impact while informing stakeholders, building a family of supporters and increasing revenues.

building blocks is a suite of diagnostic tools designed to help you to identify ‘pain points’,  inform decision making and prioritise actions leading to effective operations and great service delivery.

Included within this suite of tools are –
  • Organisational Audits – to identify gaps in key capacity areas
  • Capability Assessment – to identify gaps in key business/organisational capabilities
  • Leadership Culture Audit – identifies areas for improvement in leadership
  • Management Audit – identifies the effectiveness of your management group
  • Inclusiveness Audit – identify capacity to meet needs of diverse stakeholder groups
  • Board Effectiveness Audit – identifies gaps in governance best practice

building blocks provides evidence of a need for change, it ensures you direct your investment where you will create value and enables you to measure improvement or progress. 

I offer five levels of service delivery –

  • Download my FREE health check – its a great starting point and allows you to benefit from my service without spending a single cent. Sometimes this is all you will need.
  • Email me a copy of your completed free health check and I will call you back to arrange a telephone/skype hookup to discuss your assessment and provide you with a semi-tailored analysis. All for only $899 exc GST.
  • Email me to express your interest in undertaking a more comprehensive organisational health check involving your management group. I will meet with you to discuss how I facilitate a comprehensive assessment process and provide a tailored report and analysis, including an action plan before meeting with you a second time to discuss the findings and action plan. The price for this assessment is $8500 excluding GST. The comprehensive organisational health check includes an assessment of governance, financial management, technology, human resources, planning & review, risk management and quality.
  • Gold Standard is my top level service offer is where I facilitate a comprehensive organisational health check with your management group, provide a tailored analysis and action plan. I then meet monthly with yourself and/or your managers to review progress guided by the 4 Steps to Success model. I mentor and coach managers through implementation of the action plan and I collect evidence of success. The benefit of this service level is that I add even further value through including other services such as guiding strategic and business planning, operations, stakeholder engagement and marketing in the annual fee! Gold Standard provides your organisations with access to all the assessment tools we have available within our building block suite. Email John now to discuss this program.

If these service levels don’t meet your needs, please email John with details of the work you are looking to have done and a comprehensive proposal will be prepared.