building blocks is my unique service offer.  My suite of organisational assessment tools provide your management team with evidence of a need for change, guidance on best practice and an action plan for the future. building blocks saves you time and money, engages stakeholders, reduces risk and increases the opportunity for successful implementation of plan.

Organisational assessments are an assessment of your organisational structure, culture, productivity, workflow, practices, employee development and other assets. Assessment supports your advocacy and fundraising efforts and helps to provide confidence in your capacity to achieve a social impact.

building blocks is a suite of organisational assessment tools designed to help you to identify ‘pain points’,  inform decision making and prioritise actions leading to effective operations and great service delivery.

Included within this suite of tools are –

building blocks provides evidence of a need for change, it ensures you direct your investment where you will create value and enables you to measure improvement or progress. 

building blocks is supported by a customised KPI assessment where I create a dashboard of key metrics to provide a visual model that helps managers understand the progress being made and the impact of their decisions.

You can try an assessment process for free by downloading my FREE health check – its a great starting point and allows you to benefit from my service without spending a single cent. For some, this may be all you will need.

If you would like to discuss a more comprehensive organisational health check involving your management group. I will meet with you to discuss how I facilitate a comprehensive assessment process.

View our assessment FAQ.

If these service levels don’t meet your needs, please email John with details of the work you are looking to have done and a comprehensive proposal will be prepared.