My work with nonprofit organisations and social enterprise helps them to grow revenue, reduce costs and operate efficiently

building blocks is a suite of diagnostic tools designed to help you to identify ‘pain points’,  inform decision making and enable actions to be prioritised.

Included within this suite of tools are –
  • Organisational Audits – to identify gaps in key capacity areas
  • Capability Assessment – to identify gaps in key business/organisational capabilities
  • Leadership Culture Audit – identifies areas for improvement in leadership
  • Management Audit – identifies the effectiveness of your management group
  • Inclusiveness Audit – identify capacity to meet needs of diverse stakeholder groups
  • Board Effectiveness Audit – identifies gaps in governance best practice

building blocks provides evidence of a need for change, it ensures you direct your investment where you will create value and enables you to measure improvement or progress. When a need for change has been identified I provide ongoing advice, coaching, and mentoring to guide managers through implementation of their plans.

I provide four levels of service delivery –

  • Download the FREE quick health check– its a great starting point and allows you to benefit from my service without spending a single cent.
  • Email me a copy of your completed quick health check and I will call you back to arrange a telephone/skype hookup to discuss your assessment and then provide you with a semi-tailored analysis and suggestions. All for only $899 exc GST.
  • Email me to express your interest in undertaking a more comprehensive health check involving your management group. I will meet with you to discuss how I facilitate a comprehensive assessment process and provide a tailored report and analysis, including an action plan before meeting with you a second time to discuss the findings. All for only $6900 exc GST
  • My top level service offer is where I facilitate a comprehensive health check assessment with your management group and provide a tailored analysis and action plan as in level 3 above. I then meet monthly with yourself and/or your managers to review progress. I coach managers through implementation of the action plan and I collect evidence of success. The benefit of this service level is that I add even further value through including other services such as planning, operations and stakeholder engagement in the annual fee. All this and more for a monthly fee of $2000 exc GST. (Minimum 12 months).

If these service levels don’t meet your needs, please email John with details of the work you are looking to have done and a comprehensive proposal will be prepared.

Email John Coxon to obtain more information on applying building blocks to your social services organisation.