This assessment of Board effectiveness provides your Board or Committee members with an opportunity to assess how well they implement best practice.

The feedback will highlight any areas where the collective group may feel the Board could improve its procedures and processes.

A total of 32 questions are asked, covering a range of governance best practices. Questions are group under four sections; Selection & Compostion, Orientation & Training, Structure & Organisation and Board Work. All questions are rated on a 3 point semantic differential scale, seeking the participants assessment of the stage of development within your Board or committee –

  • 0 = nonexistant
  • 1 = needs work
  • 2 = working well

The aim of this audit is to start a conversation among your Board or Committee members. It is a straightforward audit which doesn’t take people long to complete, can be undertaken by individuals or groups of people creating a collective assessment.

Following assessment, all responses are collected and analysed for trends and feedback. A report is prepared showing results in both graphical and tabular form and all written comments as provided by participants.

A draft of the report is circulated to all participants, I then host a Zoom meeting with your Board to discuss the collective feedback and prepare an action plan.

While I remain available to guide your board or committee, it would only be in the most extreme instances, where governance has broken down that I would envisage ongoing engagement*

*Ongoing engagement of this nature is not included in the audit fee. It is an extra cost which will be quoted upon request.