John Coxon

Hi, I’m John Coxon. You likely arrived at this page from a link in one of my blogs or social media feeds. I am a workplace coach and mentor with more than two decades experience helping people develop strategies and skills for enjoying their work.

Would you like to become more productive at work? If so I am able to help you achieve your workplace goals.

You might ask why would I become more productive when I am being paid anyhow for the the work I do?

For a start let’s define productivity at work. I don’t believe that being productive is about working more for less. That would be silly.

Being productive is being smart in how you go about your work. There are many, many options available to you to enjoy your work even more. Some may even result in you doing less work.

Being productive is about setting yourself up for a promotion, more responsibility, interesting roles and increased income. It is about learning to enjoy how you work.

Does that sound like something you would want?

In actual reality you will not have to do anything different to what it is you are already doing. A lot of workplace change is created by you becoming more aware of the actions you take, how others react to your actions and being willing to do something different if the outcome you seek doesn’t happen.

How can we work together? The good news is that you can be anywhere in the world. Using Zoom or Skype we can connect, talk through your situation, identify what it is you believe will help make your work life more enjoyable, more productive and more lucrative.

The other good news is that there is no fixed term contract. I keep my fee affordable. I am willing to negotiate my fee and you pay only on a session by session basis.

What does it cost? Aus$69.00 per session, inclusive of sales tax. Payable via Paypal. I email you an invoice. You make the payment. I schedule an online session. We talk, night or day, whenever it suits you.

To start the ball rolling. Flick me an email containing a brief overview of your situation and saying what it is you are interesting in changing. Also please indicate a couple of day/time options, in your country, that are best for you..

After you have made initial contact with me, I will schedule a session with you and advise you of the date and time. When we have agreed upon the session time, I will email you an invoice. Payment of the invoice must be made prior to our session.

If for any reason, at the end of any session, you are dissatisfied with my service, in any way, you can ask for a refund and the fee for that session with be returned to you, no questions asked. I don’t want you to pay for something that isn’t helping you have an improved work life.

Email me now with some info on your workplace situation.