building blocks is a suite of diagnostic tools designed to help you to identify gaps in capacity and capabilities with your organisation or business. Once those gaps have been identified you are able to prioritise the actions you wish to take and move towards a sustainable future.

Included within this suite of tools are –
  • Organisational Health Check – to identify gaps in key capacity areas
  • Capability Assessment – to identify gaps in key business/organisational capabilities
  • Leadership Culture Audit – identifies areas for improvement in leadership
  • Management Audit – identifies the effectiveness of your management group
  • Inclusivness Audit – identify capacity to meet needs of diverse stakeholder groups
  • Board Effectiveness Audit – identifies gaps in governance best practice
  • Organisational Culture Assessment Tool (OCAT) – online tool to assess collective perspectives on your organisational culture

  • MAUS Australia Diagnostic Toolkit – designed for small to medium business operators, suitable for social enterprise and can be adapted for nonprofit organisations, these tools guide managers through business planning, growth, exit planning, KPI setting, creating effective HR, OHS/WS processes, developing policies & procedures and operations manual.

building blocks provides evidence of a need for change, it ensures you direct your investment where you will create value and enables you to measure improvement or progress.

Once a need for change has been identified I provide ongoing business guidance, management coaching, contract management and professional development in leadership and managing projects.

john pic 2019_2Email John Coxon to indicate your interest in discussing how building blocks may be applied to your business or nonprofit organisation.
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