Hi I’m John.

I’m a fat, balding white guy. Lol. It’s true.

Well partially true.  As you can see I’m a white guy, I have plenty of hair (for the moment) and wecropped-john-pic-2019_2.jpgll my doctor tells me each time to lose a handful of kilos. I do as I’m told, I lose a few, eat a few and then lose a few. Its a rollercoaster, you know how it is don’t you?

I was born in New Zealand, in the City of Christchurch. That’s in the South Island of New Zealand, Te Wai Pounamu, Aotearoa. I’m referred to as a ‘kiwi’ – after the native bird of New Zealand. For the past 20 years I have lived in Australia, in the state of Victoria, in a little rural city called Warrnambool. It’s a beautiful place, steeped in the history of the Indigenous Traditional Owners of Australia, but gets bloody cold in the winter. I don’t do winters well at all. I live with my lovely and super tolerant wife Liz (who doesnt want her pic on this page) and our 6 year old, peach-coloured Spaniel/Poodle X (a Spoodle) named Molly. As you can see Molly just loves pasting her pic 2015-12-31 07.43.36all over the place. We have an old bus converted to a motor home and we hit the road regularly. I have two adult children, a married daughter living in Auckland and a son living in Wellington, New Zealand. Due to the ease of trans-Tasman travel we see each other regularly. I’m also a part of Liz’s extended family, children and grandchildren.

Australia is about a three hour flight from New Zealand. They are seperate sovereign countries. The great thing is the Kiwis and the Aussies love each other, we fight each other on sports fields and we have a visa free arrangement where citizens of each country can come and go between the two countries, as they like, own property, operate businesses and insult each other in very tongue-in-cheek manner.

I’ve been around the block a few times. I was born mid way through the last century, I left school before disco dive, I’ve been married twice and divorced once and I didnt get to university until I was a mature adult. Though there are some that would say maturity is overstated! I started work in a trade as a printer. In the past Ive been a police officer, a sales consultant, a manager, and arts events manager, a volunteer board member in nonprofit organisations, operated a printing business, a hydroponic nursery, a consultancy and a couple of online properties at art4u.com.au and carvedcreations.com.au. For the majority of my adult life I have been gainfully self employed while also enjoying the occasional stint as a business manager. Ive been a photographer since I was 10 years old and since 2007 I have carved bone, Jade and gemstones. Since 2002 I have been a mentor and coach to managers in the corporate world.

My interests are global. Clearly I love anything business related, but I am especially interested in art, spirtuality, Buddhism, really interesting online content, a great gallery, experimenting with different teas, raspberry and white chocolate muffins, Bourbon, a great Merlot, large farm platters and friends gathered out back enjoying a bbq, having a few frothys and talking crap.

I love music, any music, I can bang out a tune on a guitar, keyboard, tin whistle, harp, sax and flute, but it’s not musical and noone in their right mind would call me a muso. I’m not a movie buff  however I do enjoy watching a good mystery series and I’m a sucker for the romantic, searching for myself genre. Think Eat, Pray, Love and The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. I know it’s cheesy but it makes me smile. When I retire I’m going to University to study something irrelevant – like, how artists will create in far flung galaxies.

Don’t fret, i’m not done yet. I still have 40 years of good living ahead, I’m not going anywhere soon – and with a bit of luck new technology might keep me on this planetfor a bit longer.

So that’s me. Welcome to my irreverence. I would love to hear your story. I hope you get to share it with me someday.

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