Organisational Health Check

Rubik Cube

As a part of our building blocks suite of assessment tools we offer an organisational health check. This differs from our complimentary quick health check. The organisational health check provides you with feedback on the following key capabilities –

  • Governance
  • Planning
  • Risk Management
  • Financial Management
  • Human Resources
  • Quality & Safety
  • Information Management
  • Marketing/Communications

Each capability comprises 18-20 best practices under three sections; people, evidence and implementation. Each question is rated on a five point Likert scale.

The aim of this assessment is to identify opportunities for greater effectiveness within your organisation. Respondents rate each question using a verbal response rather than a numerical response.

Core competencies are the crown jewels of your organisation. these are the key activities, that when engaged in consistently provide value for your customers and clients.

The organisational health check is an effective assessment for small social agencies experiencing growth, where a new incoming CEO is seeking to gain an in-depth insight, similarly where significant change has taken place within a management team, or two organisations are engaged in a merger.

All responses are collated, analysed and a report containing graphical views of aggregated results, along with suggested next steps for consideration. Following preparation of a draft report, participants engage in a round table discussion of the results and work to establish a prioritised action plan.

To discuss this assessment process in greater detail email your interest to John Coxon.

I’m John Coxon. For the past two decades I have been guiding and advising senior management of social agencies.

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