How Healthy Are We?

Nonprofit organisation quick health check template

Eight weeks after a Government imposed shutdown signs are there that your people will soon start returning to work. Now is a good time for Boards and CEO’s to ask the question. How healthy are we?

While many nonprofit organisations have maintained some form of service delivery, the shutdown has had an impact, and it can be expected that costs will increase upon resumption of operations.

Organisations may need to invest in how they setup and layout office space, implement rigorous cleansing regimes and provide employees with access to employee assistance programs. Download our free return to work checklist from here.

Time away from the daily grind of management, even a break created by enforced changed has provided an opportunity for reflection, to look back and forward and consider some of the things that in the past haven’t felt just right.

It may not be the right time for a major review of your strategic plan or the operational plan, however taking time to conduct a quick health check of your organisation may become part of your preparations for returning to work, and may identify opportunities for improvement.

A quick health check involves four steps. As the title suggests it doesn’t need to be a long, lengthy process. The aim is to cause you, and others to think.

The first step is to look at your long term goals and outcomes. Consider what you are seeking to achieve in areas of revenue, operations, service delivery, community impact and governance.

Step two provides an opportunity to identify the ‘pain points’. These are the things that keep you awake at night. Hopefully the list isn’t extensive. Small, incremental improvements can have a large impact upon the wellbeing of employees and community.

In step three you drill down a little into specific operational areas and begin to prioritise those functions you feel need improvement.

The final step is to gather all your thoughts and prepare a 90 day action plan. After all what is the use of engaging in this exercise if you don’t prepare a plan to change the things you don’t like?

To help you answer the question, how healthy are we? John Coxon has created a quick health check template for you to download. It’s a single sheet, printed both sides and takes a short time to complete.

While any individual can complete the quick health check, it is always better if several people across your management group, even the entire group, can also complete the check. The collated responses can be revealing.

If you have completed the check alone and would like to discuss your finding please email John, or if you have decided to engage your management team in the process John can help with collating the information, conducting analysis and preparing a report back to you.

John Coxon has provided quidance and advice to boards and management teams of nonprofit organisations since 2002. A former Executive Officer for Community Southwest Ltd and Operations Manager for Gunditjmara Aboriginal Cooperative, John brings practical experience blended with years of collective wisdom. Email John.


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