Covid-19 Readiness Checklist

While the risk associated with Covid-19 within Australia has been considered relatively low until now, the number of incidents continues to increase and the impact upon businesses is rising.

Some large businesses, especially those in the tourism and education sector have begun to implement plans for rationalising their operations. It will not be long before these decisions impact upon smaller businesses, and even some social agencies.

You can download a free organisational check list to help your organisation with its readiness for working through the Covid-19 crisis by following this link.

The most effective defense in any workplace is effective hygiene practices, especially providing all employees, volunteers and visitors with ready access to antiseptic hand cleanser, along with regular wiping and cleaning of all surfaces to minimise transfer from person to person.

This is not a time for passive governance. This is a crisis and there is little evidence to suggest any immediate reduction of threat. There are reputation, financial and operational risks and it is the domain of the Board or Committee of Management to have effective oversight of readiness.

Covid-19 is not a short term emergency. Even were the infection rates to decline tomorrow, which is highly unlikely, the impact upon organisations will continue for many months. Boards and management should be taking a long term perspective. It is critical effective risk management processes are in place and being monitored and reported upon.

Workplaces have a legal responsibility to ensure the safety and wellbeing of their employees, volunteers and those visiting their premises. For those smaller agencies with limited resources, you may experience issues with readiness. One strategy may be to partner with a larger, better resourced organisation. Alternatively you may contact John Coxon. John has the operational experience to guide you through the risk management process.

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