Be In The Moment

When you arrive someplace, how you arrive is critically important.

By that I don’t mean the mode of transportation. Though having someone drive you someplace in a limo may help you feel more relaxed. What I mean is this. The state of your mind determines what is going to happen when you arrive.

If you choose to walk into work in a foul mood, feeling like shit, looking like something the cat dragged in and saying to yourself, ‘already my day is crap’, then I can guarantee that by 5pm you are going to have had the day from hell.

Alternatively, should you walk in the door with your head held high, a steady gaze, a bemused look on your face, a relaxed posture and a smile, then I can also gaurantee nothing is going to spoil your day. Better still you are going to have pissed off the grumps hiding behind the pot plant.

Now granted we don’t all start each day off on a high – well not without help from some illicit substances – and that isn’t recommended! Shit does happen, sometimes in the first five minutes of your waking day. The key is in what you do next.

Notice I use the word choose. This is because how you behave is your choice, noone else.

Your biological clock wakes you up. You get to choose to rise or stay in bed. You get to choose what to eat for breakfast, what clothes to wear, what transport to use to get wherever you are going and you get to choose how you walk through the door.

Still feeling like crap as you arrive at work? Then don’t go. I didn’t say go back home. Instead take a breath. Maybe take 5 to have a coffee before you arrive or better still, grab a cold bottle of water. Send the boss a text saying been held up, will be five minutes late. Take time to look out for yourself first. If the morning blues occurs almost every day, then it may be time to look at your food, drink and fitness behaviours. Always arriving at work 2 mins late, flustered, trying to bluff your way out of a reprimand? Make some decisions. Maybe set the alarm five minutes earlier and leave home five minutes earlier. Make it ten minutes and stop for that relaxing cup of fragrant tea at your favourite cafe.

These are all things you can do. They are not things others do for you. These are decisions you can make, which reduces your reliance upon others and helps you to feel good.

Life is about choices and making decisions. Dozens of them every day. The first decision you should make at the beginning of every day is to look after yourself.

faleThis doesnt mean you look after yourself at the expense of others. On the contrary, when you take time to care for you, then you are able to give time to care about others. Picture yourself as a Pacific Fale in the photograph. The concrete floor represents your relationships, those that are important to you. The four corner posts represent your mental, physical, spiritual and material state, the thatch roof represents your culture, who you are and how you want others to see you and lastly, the sky, sea and land are your environment, it is there to support and sustain you. Note how each part of the structure helps to support the entire Fale.

John Coxon has been mentoring and coaching managers in the social services sector for the past two decades. When you are ready to #BeYouBeYourBest email John for a free, no-obligation chat on how he can provide you with a risk free space to explore and learn.


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