Warrior CEO

We all understand the term CEO – Chief Executive Officer.

How do we define a warrior? Websters, the dictionary, not your Aunt’s family down the street, define a warrior as being someone experienced in warfare; someone engaged in a struggle or a conflict.

Is it an oxymoron to call a CEO a warrior? I think not. Let’s explore my reasoning.

Webster’s definition is limiting, while at the same time leaving open a broad interpretation of the definition of a warrior. The term ‘warfare’ suggests an experienced combatant, a wily fighter that has risen to an elite position. Warfare is a negative connotation, suggesting someone that sets out to conquer at all cost.

On the other hand, Webster also define a warrior as someone engaged in a struggle. Certainly that is the position of every CEO?

We must consider also how the world is changing. Gone are the days of heroic CEO, the warrior that rose from the trenches to become a General, and lead from the front. The patriotic figure posing atop a tank, astride a mighty stead, cigar clamped firmly between chiseled face, hands gripping a patriotic flag.

The battleground of the the future is a team-based, collaborative, environment. This requires different leadership. Is that the warrior CEO?

Warriors take calculated risks, they gather a great team of knowledgeable people around them, they listen to the advice of many people and they make decisions when they need to be made.

Warriors recognise that they could not conquer the world alone. They may have lead from the front, thrown themselves into the most dangerous situations, taken few prisoners, yet intuitively they understand that behind every hero is battalions of equally committed, equally fearless warriors in every conceivable shape and size.

A warrior shows compassion. The popular media would protray a warrior as all conquering, yet the role of the warrior is to overcome resistance and encourage participation in a new order; rather than to obliterate the opposition completely. Dead people don’t purchase goods and services.

Warriors lead by example, they are guided by their personal values, they have a vision of a better world and they want to minimise the cost and damage.

CEO’s can be warriors; they should be warriors.

If you are looking for help to discover your inner warrior email John to arrange a free, no obligation chat.

Image copyrite: Braveheart movie.



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