How is your health?

Why identify gaps in your capacity and capabilities?

Essentially knowledge is power. When you have developed an understanding of the capacity and capabilities of your organisation, you have the evidence to guide effective decision making.

Regardless of how effective you believe your organisation to be, every organisation builds barriers to productivity over time. Identifying and minimising the impact of these barriers is a continuous process.

Capacity is a cornerstone of your organisations ability to achieve its goals and create impact. Our assessement helps identify strengths, challenges and capacity building goals in areas of leadership, adaptiveness, management and operations.

Capabilities are a further cornerstone, they reflect your ability to do the things you say you will do – to implement actions relevant to your future direction. Our capability assessement helps identify gaps in governance, financial management, human resources, information technology, risk management, planning and review.

Together these assessement tools provide your management group with valuable insights that help you make effective decisions. The assessment processes reduce risk and provide stakeholders with confidence in your chosen direction and impact.

Undergoing an assessment process is the easy part. The real challenge for many management teams is their readiness to analyse, understand and make changes based upon the feedback and evidence. Undertaking an assessment and then doing nothing with the feedback is a waste of money and time. Our solution for avoiding this is to work with your management group to identify steps forward, help them set out an action plan and timeframe, and then meet with them each month to identify progress and adapt the action plan as needed.

If you want your management team to make informed decisions, and be accountable for the outcomes or impact of those decisions then undertaking a capacity or capability assessment is your first step.

It costs nothing to discuss the possibilities. Email John Coxon to indicate your interest. We can meet, have a chat about your organisation, discuss the various assessment tools available, look through some demonstration samples and make a decision on which is the best option for you.

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