Time Flies

I was checking traffic stats for my website this morning and realised I hadn’t written a blog for almost two months. That’s the bad new. The good news is that people have continued to visit my website and view my service offers – and I am grateful for that. Thank you.

Just as quickly I realised I was falling into that classic trap for small business operators. When you are busy doing stuff that pays the bills you neglect to do any marketing – then because you haven’t done any marketing you run out of business and can’t pay the bills!

Anyone with a small business found themselves in that cycle?

In my case there are mitgating circumstances. Social media is not my primary marketing channel. Someone recently described me as a dinosaur because of my continued use of direct mail for marketing. I like to get my message directly to the person that makes the decision to retain me. My argument is that someone isn’t going to take time to read a letter and decide to respond, or otherwise; then they are just as unlikely to do so as they scan through endless social media posts.

When was the last time you sat down and gave serious consideration to your marketing channels? I use these wonderful tools called a business canvas, along with its big brother, a value proposition canvas and its cousin, a story canvas. These seemingly simple tools enable you to gain a comprehensive insight into your marketing. You can download these tools yourself for free, however like all diagnostic tools, the real benefit is not in using the tool, its how you use the data and ideas the tools generate. Its in the analysis and action planning you benefit from external guidance. Email John if you would like to discuss these ideas in more depth. (If you are a nonprofit organisation I can add a social value canvas to the suite of tools).

These tools together will enable your management team to;

  • assess the direction, key goals/outcomes, key activities of your business
  • identify the value your services or products create for customers
  • identify the story you want to share with potential customers
  • identify how you will get your message to them
  • identify how you will retain them for a long time

Together this suite of tools will save you time, align activities with strategic goals and outcomes and improve planning. It’s money in the bank for you, keeeching, keechingg!

Here is an incentive to apply this diagnostic process to your business. Take this special offer code April/May2019, tuck it away in your pocket. Txt me on 0424 103 971, I will call you back. We meet, we chat, I provide you with a contract price. You accept my offer and engage me. Then you produce this special offer code out of your pocket and I will immediately deduct 10% from our agreed price.

As always, my guaranteed, no-risk offer applies. I don’t expect you to pay anything if you dont recieve value for money. If at any stage during the process you feel it isn’t working for you, that my process isn’t creating value, you get to pull the plug and I refund you the entire agreed fee for that project. Have you recieved a better offer than this today?

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