Coaching For You


Allow me to let you into a little secret. Those that least need management coaching are the ones that retain a coach!coaching-pixabar

How can this be I hear you ask? The reason is straightforward. Those that need coaching the most are the ones least likely to seek help. Those that are able to ask for help are the one’s most able to take responsibility for their own actions. They seek a coach to help them work through ideas. These people already know that they know what they want to do. They could achieve their outcomes without a coach, however it is much easier when you have someone to share ideas with, discuss experiences and tap into collective wisdom.

Are you one of those people able to ask for help or do you not believe you could benefit from coaching?

If you are one of the former you will benefit from coaching in a myriad of different ways. A management coach is not there to provide you with the answers. Your coach cannot do your job for you. A coach helps you sort through all the ideas floating around in your head, helps you choose your course of action and when the time comes to make a decision; it’s your decision. At that point it’s time to let go of the coach.

How long do coaching relationships last? This depends upon the two people in the relationship and the complexity of the conversations. Some people need help for a short term project or to help prioritise actions – to enable them to fly solo. Others are engaged in a series of interrelated activities that require complex decision making and make engage with a management coach for an extended period of time.

As a management coach I am always on the lookout for signs of dependency. This is where the relationship has changed away from the manager taking responsibility for their actions and outcomes, to where the manager feels they cannot move forward without me by their side. This state of affairs is undesirable. My intention is to help you move through the chrysalis stage, stand by while you develop your wings and then step back as you learn to fly.

The future for you is limited only by your capacity to ask for help.

If you would like to discuss how I might help you develop your management career or help you develop into a manager that practices coaching email me and I will call you back for a free, no-obligation chat.

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