Manager as Coach

This exciting, new professional development series is undergoing preperation of content material. I first created this product back in 2007, however this new version is contemporary and up-to-date and will provide managers of the future with the knowledge and competencies to develop their workplace coaching framework.

The material comes from a variety of sources. Some of it comes from people that have influenced me over the years, like Marshall Goldsmith and Dr Anthony Grant, some of it comes from current research into workplace coaching and a lot of the material comes from my own experience as a management coach and line manager.

The series will commence in June 2019 with workshops in Sydney and Melbourne, monthly over a six month period. There will be much for those that participate than just a workshop, they will be provided with additional material and collaborative tools to enable them to continue to share ideas and experiences, to access me and to implement their ideas in their own workplace.

I am very excited about this series. It will be fun and it works. I have contact today with people that took part in my original series that have moved into senior roles and gone onto become CEO’s of nonprofit organisations.

Read more here.

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