The Planning Stage

I’m part way through a two year contract as Operations Manager and 2IC at an Aboriginal Healthcare Cooperative. I initially took this role on with a view to it being for a maximum of three years however have decided to return to my consulting work at the end of March 2019.

I took on my current role for a number of reasons. The primary reason was that it was an opportunity to be involved in the rebuild of an organisation that lost its way. Those opportunities don’t come along often. It had been ten years since I last took on paid employment and back then my motivation was the same.

I had also lost my enthusiasm for my consulting work. I had been operating as a consultant since 2002, working as a sole trader as is my preference and this role provided me with an opportunity to ‘get my hands dirty’ again, to regain some perspective and relearn some of the things I had forgotten.

As a result I have learned some things, developed some skills, broadened my experience and renewed some of my perspectives. This is all good stuff as I bring all this and more back into my advice and guidance for clients.

Have I enjoyed the experience? Yes I have enjoyed being able to put into practice many of the ideas that I have discussed with clients over the past 15 years. I will leave knowing there is an effective management structure in place, that the organisation is more sustainable than it was two years prior and I will have gained some insights into myself and my preferences. I have learned a lot about self discipline, time and task management and how people behave in a corporate environment. I believe the experience will help me provide good advice and guidance to my clients.

I am looking forward to April 2019. A lot of planning and preparation is taking place. A sustainable organisation framework has been developed, two leadership programs are being prepared and an organisational e-mentor program is set to go.

A lot has changed since I begun consulting back in 2002. Especially in how we market ourselves. Back then direct marketing, conferences and word of mouth were my main source of leads. Today I believe it is critical to have a digital advertising strategy in place and with that in mind I have commenced a relationship with a digital marketing consultancy.

Now as I move into the final six months of my contract I have a clear vision of where I am going, a plan in place, marketing being prepared, services and products in development and a gleam in my eye. I have my mojo back.

image courtesy of Marshall Goldsmith, co-author Mojo: How to Get It, How to Keep It, How To Get It Back If You Lose It.

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