Imagine starting your day knowing you have someone with a fresh set of eyes on global events, bringing you the information, saving you time while also building your knowledge base and keeping you informed. Imagine going into a strategic session or being engaged in a decision making process within your organisation and being able to refer to your archive of knowledge, to be able to ask 'are you aware of . . . ?. Imagine the respect you will gain from your peers and colleagues when they realise that you are bringing your A-game to the table.

joining.the.dots newsletter Each month you receive an update on the emerging environment. During the first week of each month you receive our joining.the.dots e-letter. Our newsletter contains a global round up of emerging trends, in-depth strategic analysis of two or three trends plus case studies on how non-profit organisations are maximimising opportunities in the emerging environment. Two week later you also receive an updated global round-up. This info provides you with knowledge and understanding of global trends and their impact upon not-for-profit organisations. You can then use this as an 'environmental scan' to inform your planning and decision making.

A monthly roundup of global trends driving change in social expectations and behaviours, and impacting upon your future service delivery. In addition each newsletter contains specific analysis of impact and suggested strategic actions for your organisation. Subscription to joining.the.dots newsletter is free.


Each monthly issue of joining.the.dots newsletter contains in-depth strategic analysis of at least two trends, snippets of best practice by not-for-profit organisations around the world and overviews of what we are seeing on the horizon. The beauty of joining.the.dots is that we do not restrict our overview and analysis to your backyard. We help make your not-for-profit organisation a part of the global civil society family. We bring the world to you; and we take you to the world. From Auckland or Alice Sprigs or Yarmouth to the Yukon, we source and bring to you the global trends. We do not restrict our analysis only to those specific nonprofit trends either. We look at other areas, consumer behaviour, retail, banking, travel, technology, learning and politics. The information in our newsletter informs your decision making. It makes it easier for you to plan for the future, it help to minimise risk in your organisation by ensuring you do not lack awareness. The newsletter is only small price however it is packed with value.


When you subscribe to Joining.The.Dots newsletter your privacy is protected. We retain your email address only for the purpose of emailing the newsletter to you. We use MailChimp for creation and distribution of the newsletter.

This is not some pithy feel-good newsletter, this is a serious planning tool designed to help you be more effective and to reduce risk to your organisation. We bring this information to you each month. That is 12 issues of the e-letter per year.

Each issue contains a global roundup of trends, analysis of trends and the emerging enviroment, commentary on the impact upon nonprofit organisations, case studies and information to stimulate strategic thinking in your organisations. These newsletters make great conversation starters at team meetings.

What have you missed recently? In addition to our global roundup of trends, past issues have included -

  • Millenial perceptions of charities
  • Opportunities created by crowdfunding
  • Trends in healthcare
  • The Changing face of social media
  • Intro to the emerging workplace
  • Workplace trends
  • Future of fundraising
  • Information technology trends
  • Emerging philanthropy in Asia
  • Social media trends
  • Social sector leadership
  • Diversity & Inclusiveness trends
  • Innovation in social sector
  • Cryptocurrency trends
  • Volunteer Trends
  • A Driverless Future

The publisher of joining.the.dots is John Coxon. Since 2002 John has worked with Boards and management groups of non-profit organisations, providing strategic advice and guidance. John has also been involved in non-profit governance and operations. He has a comprehensive understanding of the non-profit environment and the issues that impact upon the sector. As publisher of joining.the.dots newsletter and global roundup, John maintains a global overview of the non-profit environment and bring that knowledge and insight to you through he monthly newsletter and fortnightly global roundup.

The thing is this. Not matter how great we tell you joining.the.dots is, the only way you can see for yourself is if you try it. That is why we would like to offer you -

Our 100% Guarantee of Satisfaction

There are a lot of people claiming an ability to predict the future. At joining.the.dots we never make that claim. We do not predict the future; we lay out the trends, the experiences, the research and the evidence, month by month, for you to build your own personal understanding of the emerging environment and those aspects likely to impact upon your nonprofit organisation. We know you will not be disappointed with the information contained within our newsletter. This is why we confidently offer you our . . .

Our 100% Guarantee of Satisfaction

If at anytime you feel, for any reason, or even if you don't have a reason, that the contents and information contained in the newsletter are of no value to you, then you can unsubscribe.

Can we be any fairer than that? You get to subscribe for free, try it and decide if it is off value to you - or unsubscribe, while keeping all the information obtained to date.

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