Manager As Coach

Date:1st December 2016. Posted: John Coxon

The people that report to you want to be doing something meaningful, and your role as a manager is to enable them to do so.

A meaningful role is not one where people simply do as they are told and cop all the 'proverbial' when something goes wrong. A meaningful role is one where people are engaged in the process, rather than simply following the process.

Even within those remaining hierarchial systems, such as hospitals, it is possible for managers to adopt a coaching process that will get the best out of their people. Following are some practical coaching strategies you can apply as a manager.

  • Spend more time observing & listening than talking
  • Ask lots of questions - What, who, where, when, why and how.
  • Dig deep, past the perceptions and interpretations, to investigate the root cause of an issue
  • When working with a group of differing perceptions, become the facilitator. Ensure all are given a safe space to be heard
  • Acknowledge the ideas and contribution of others. Give credit publically as well as privately.
  • Share the results, outcomes and impact. In this way people can see the value of engaging and contributing.

Write these strategies on a piece of paper, have it laminated and display it on your workstation.

At the end of each day or shift, take a couple of minutes to run your eye over the list and ask yourself, which of these did I do today?

If you would like to discuss how coaching will help you to be the best you want to be as a manager, email John Coxon or telephone 0458 913 933 to arrange a free, no obligation discussion about your vision for your future.

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