Be Seen To Lead

Date:January 2017. Posted: John Coxon

People are only considered to be leaders if others want to follow them. Leadership is first and foremost based upon trust. Trust is being seen to do the things you say you will do. (Flores) To be seen as authentic requires you to meet with people on their territory and have conversations with people, from those conversations emerge commitments and promises and it is how you go about meeting those commitments that establish you as being someone others want to follow.

It is, of course, much easier to fall back on your title and issue a directive, however that isn't leadership. People are not following you; they are complying with your direction. This inhibits conversation and fails to build trust.

Leadership is about moving from telling to asking, it is about active listening and exploration. It is also about making mistakes and being able to own up to the process of rectifying that mistake.

Good leaders are good story sharers (and often good story tellers), they like to interact with others, they are genuinely interested in the lives of others and they like to encourage others to share their stories. This means leaders spend more time listening than they do talking.

Jack and Suzy Welch in a 2007 BusinessWeek column wrote, Companies rarely promote people into leadership roles who haven't been consistently seen and measured. It's a familiarity thing, and it's a trust thing. We're not saying that the people who get promoted are stars during every "crucible" moment at the office, but at least they're present and accounted for. And their presence says: Work is my top priority. I'm committed to this company. I want to lead. And I can.

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