royalty free image hands together There has been research conducted in the past suggesting that consultants to the not-for-profit sector do not build long term relationships with their clients. The rationale behind this research finding was that consultants are profit-driven and their clients are mission-driven; that consultants lack the passion possessed by those that work in a not-for-profit organisation.

The is a certain logic to the hypothesis, however over the past 14 or more years I have demonstrated that this need not be the case. Not every client relationship becomes long term however I would like to share with you a few that have.

Lyndoch Aged Care, Victoria. From 2003 to 2006 I provided a variety of services including management coaching, professional development, mentoring and general consultancy through a relationship built with the entire executive team.

Abbeyfield Mortlake, Victoria. From 2002 - 2012 I worked closely with both the Board and CEO on a variety of projects including staff professional development, executive mentoring, management coaching, Board development, strategic planning, fundraising projects, community consultation and business planning. My relationship with this organisation lead to my engagement in a variety of other Abbeyfield related projects.

Terang Mortlake Health Service, Victoria. From 2002 - 2012 through a close relationship with the CEO and various Directors of Nursing, I provided mentoring, coaching and professional development programs.

Cooinda Disability Service, Victoria. From 2005 - 2012 through a close relationship with the Board and various CEO's I engaged in workplace mediation, professional development and mentoring, assisted recruitment of two CEO's, engaged in general consulting projects and guided the Board with strategic planning.

Community Connections Ltd, Victoria. From 2006 - 2012 through a relationship with the CEO I was engaged in a wide variety of consulting projects, including a review of social enterprise activities, mentoring & coaching, advising the board, planning and career transitioning for displaced employees.

Alcohol Drug Association, NZ. From 2011 till the present day I have enjoyed a positive relationships with the Board, CEO and executive team and have been engaged in a variety of projects including strategy planning, assisting with recruiting senior management, coaching and mentoring, operational reviews and project management of website redevelopment.

My reason for highlighting these special relationships is simple. They have been based on honesty, integrity and confidentiality. They acknowledge the depth and breadth of my understanding and experience that is available also to your organisation.