Joining The Dots

royalty free image dots joined Many not-for-profit organisations appreciate the value of planning for the future, however in many instances their focus is upon the planning process rather than the knowledge and informaation needed to inform the planning process.

As important as these processes are, equally as important is having an understanding of the emerging environment for the not-for-profit sector. Afterall, how can you plan for the future if you do not understand what the future might bring?

Utilising a PEST framework I will outline key political, economical, social and technological trends, from around the world that impact upon the not-for-profit sector. Not just trends within the sector but also trends that shape consumer expectations and behaviours, that originate from other sectors, the public sector, retail, hospitality, tourism and private healthcare. Even though small population in a large ocean Australia is no longer isolated from these trends and their impact. Modern communication and open travel brings the impact of them to our shores immediately.

When you understand those factors that impact upon the sector and your organisation, then you are able to minimise risk by planning to either take advantage of them, or minimise their impact.

At the outcome of this presentation you will take away an environmental scan that your board and management team will be able to use immediately to create strategic conversations and to inform your next planning round.

Bring together your Board, management team, stakeholders and partner organisations. It is an excellent prelude to strategic planning discussions. Available daytime, evenings or weekends.

The seminar price is $1490 excluding gst. For smaller nonprofit organisations we suggest you consider joining with other related organisations to share the cost. As the host I ask that you provide a venue and any refreshments you consider appropriate. I can bring a data projector if one is not available.

If you would prefer to attend one of our public seminars, click here for the community sector, here for healthcare and here for aged care.

Presenter - John Coxon

I have worked with boards and management teams in the community and healthcare sector in Australia since 2002 and will present an overview of the emerging factors that impact upon charities and the nonprofit sector in Australia. As publisher of the fortnightly joining.the.dots newsletter I am immersed in identifying trends from around the world and from a variety of sectors, that may impact upon the not-for-profit sector. This knowledge forms the basis of the Join The Dots presentation.

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