Digital Process for Small Business FAQ

Q:What type of business qualifies for the Small Biz Digi program?
A: If you are a sole trader or small business operator with less than 5 full time employees then you will likely benefit from this program. Call John on 0458 913 933 to arrange a free, no obligation consultation.

Q: How often may I access services from the program?
A: Your subscription is a for a 12 month period. During that time you may access any service within our menu, at any time, as frequently as you need them. Click here to view our menu of services.

Q:Will I end up with some crappy, out-of-date website?
A: No. You will end up with a website that meets the needs of your customers and you. Within our subscription we offer a wide range of contemporary website design, available through the likes of Wordpress or similar provider. If your needs are not met by these then we can offer you a bespoke web design service in collaboration with our partner providers. In this instance any third party costs for website development are additional. Note: As part of your subscription we guide you through the process of clariying your needs, identifying design elements and preparing content. This helps to reduce any third party costs.

Q: Can you guarantee me a #1 listing on Google?
A: No, and noone else can gaurantee that either, despite what they may advertise. Within your subscription we will help implement best practice website design and content creation, aligned with the frameworks and guidelines of Google and we will keep doing everything practical to maximise your online visibility.

Q: Can I cancel my subscription?
A: We will do everything we can to create value, so you will never want to leave. However should you no longer need our services you are not obliged to renew your subscription. Regrettably we do not provide refunds of unused subscriptions. Subscribers paying monthly are required to maintain payments while current work is in progress.

Q: Will I incur additional costs, in addition to my annual fee?
A: BTF will not charge you additional costs. All our services are included in your annual fee. In the event you request a service we do not provide ourselves, where we need to engage a third party, we will pass any third party costs onto you. You will never incur a cost that hasn't been agreed to, in writing, between you and BTF.

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