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Do you operate a small business, maybe 'flying solo' or employ less than five people?

Our experiences show many small businesses would like to have in place an effective digital process, however they often don't have the knowledge, the time or the money to achieve this. You can save time and minimise stress while having an effective digital process at an affordable price. We help you develop, implement and maintain a digital process that is designed to improve communication, reduce costs and enable sales. Our Small Biz Digi Plan is a subscription model where you pay a single annual fee and in return access a variety of services, at any time, as often as you like without any further costs*. This program allows you to focus on operating your business. Click here to view the full menu of services available to subscribers. To indicate your interest in subscribing to this plan email me now and I will call you back to make an appointment.

*Subscription fee does not include any agreed third-party costs

digital strategy

Value Creation

It starts with understanding customer and online visitor needs. How will you add value via digital channels to customers, staff and stakeholders? This then becomes part of your strategic journey. I then support that direction and reduce your risk by ensuring you have an appropriate structure, policies, procedures and processes to enable you to create value in a digital environment. Email me now and we can meet to talk about your customers.

digital project management

Digital Project Management

I manage digital projects, ensure they come in on time, on budget and to your expectations. While I can create wireframes, build basic websites and create online content, my expertise is in managing your digital project. I have a working relationship with a group of developers, web designers and illustrators. I bring them into a project on a needs basis. My experience means I talk the language, liase with suppliers and oversee your planning, design and development. I save you time, avoid budget blowouts and ensure you receive value for money. Email me now and I will call you back to arrange a meeting.

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Social Media

Increasingly your stakeholders and customers are online, mobile and sharing via social media. I help you identify appropriate online channels, set up accounts, identify key messages, schedule postings, oversee content creation and monitor impact and results. Email me now with questions.

content management

Content Management

I create content for websites, blogs and online channels that is designed to be relevant to your online community. I ensure consistency of key messages and style. I ensure your website is easily navigable and that information can be quickly and easily accessed. I create online content designed to maximise search engine optimisation (SEO). email me now for further information.

We help develop and build your digital processes

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