At Joining The Dots we aim to provide you with an insight into the emerging future, to inform your planning processes and to help you plan to be a part of the future.

John Coxon

John is founder and principal consultant at Joining the Dots. Since 2002 John has been working with boards and management teams of Australian not-for-profit organisations. John brings an indepth understanding of all aspects of the not-for-profit sector in Australia, and globally. While John aims to provide you with an insight into the emerging future, he has vast experience on a wide variety of consulting projects. From 2006-09 John was EO of Community Southwest Ltd, an alliance of nonprofit organisations. He has worked with boards and management of nonprofit organisations, guiding strategic thinking, mentoring senior executives, coaching managers, guiding capability and capacity development and facilitating collaborative pathways. Currently I am employed as Operations Manager for Gunditjmara Aboriginal Cooperative in Warrnambool, Victoria. I am not currently available for any consulting projects. You are invited to download John's profile here

My Values

As principal consultant of Joining The Dots I believe in providing high value for money. Being an independent consultant I am not bound to any one philosophy or framework. My fee only needs to pay my costs and income; rather than corporate overheads. I have access to research and case studies from around the globe. All projects are priced for completion; there will not be any hidden, extra costs. I stay with you till the job is complete, regardless of the hours involved. I am not a 'guru' consultant. I tap into the collective wisdom of your people and stakeholders. My strength is in bringing together the right people, building open and sharing relationships and guide them through a process of discovery. I believe the best people to identify a solution are those impacted upon by the problem.

My Approach

I trade under the business name of Joining The Dots. This is reflected in a key element of my consulting practice. I create a set of in-depth maps of each sector I work within and each client I work with. The maps provide links and connections, show pathways and illustrate opportunities. Maps are updated constantly, as new information becomes available. They provide me with a valuable, in-depth insight into your business and your operating environment. They also join the dots between the issues you face and future strategies or solutions.