My name is John Coxon. I am currently the Operations Manager at Gunditjmara Aboriginal Cooperative in Warrnambool, South West Victoria. You can read my Operations Manager blog as I explore my journey. From 2002-17 I provided a consultancy service to board members, CEO's, executive managers and front line managers in healthcare, aged care and the community sector. While I am in my Operations Management role I am not currently offering my full range of consulting services. You can continue to access e-mentor , whereby I offer managers one-to-one and group mentoring via a variety of digital channels. You can continue to subscribe to my joining.the.dots newsletter. This monthly newsletter provides you with insight and strategic analysis of emerging trends and their potential impact upon business operations. If you are a small community organisation, based in South West Victoria, with less that 3 full-time employees you can benefit from Imagine a program designed to provide you with access to high quality advice and guidance at an affordable price. I also offer my BelowTheFold-Digital Management service to small businesses and nonprofit organisations, to guide them in how to operate within a digital environment.


A virtual leadership & management coaching service, providing you with affordable access to high quality, one-to-one advice and guidance, and group coachinging from an experienced mentor and coach, via our Slack platform, skype and sms messaging Read more...


With Imagine my vision is to provide small community organisations with access to high quality and cost effective advice and guidance on best practice governance, management and service delivery. Read more...


joining.the.dots is a monthly newsletter providing your board and leadership group with insights into the emerging environment and strategic analysis of potential impact and future actions. This information informs your planning and decision making. Read more...


BelowTheFold- Digital Management provides small businesses and nonprofit organisations with guidance and practical advice for operating in an emerging digital environment.

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Joining The Dots

Too often our focus is upon the present, which will become the past in just one second! My focus is upon helping you look to the future, whether as an individual or as an organisation. While I am not currently available for large scale consulting projects, I do continue to offer a variety of services to managers and small businesses and nonprofits. Review my services.

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much"

Helen Keller