I can help you to join.the.dots

My name is John Coxon. Since 2002 I have worked with board members, CEO's, executive managers and front line managers in healthcare, aged care and the community sector, being a mentor, providing management coaching, guiding strategy and planning, assisting with executive recruitment and reviewing services. I guide boards in governance and planning, management teams in building capacity, developing capabilities and I mentor & coach individuals to be the best they want to be. I publish the joining.the.dots newsletter and create content for the joining.the.dots portal.


An assessment of your capabilities involves a diverse group of internal and external stakeholders rating a range of organisational capabilities. Read more...


My aim is to help you identify how things might be done more efficiently or effectively and how barriers to performance might be removed. Read more...


As mentor & coach I enable you to be the best you want to be. Whatever your goals, I can provide you with the means to achieve them. Read more...


Through presentations to stakeholders or our monthly newsletter you gain an insight into global trends and their impact, leading to a strategic conversation about your future.

Recent Work

Joining The Dots

Whatever project I am engaged in my aim is to help you to join.the.dots Whether it be at the senior management level with my joining.the.dots monthly, subscription only newsletter, where I bring you insights into global trends and the emerging environment, or at the governance level with my tailored joining.the.dots presentations to your Board and stakeholders. It might be at the individual manager level where I mentor and coach people to be the best that they want to be, where they join the dots between their behaviour and their results. Finally I help you to join the dots within your organisation with a suite of consulting services to help build capacity, capabilities and networks.

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much"

Helen Keller